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2/20 - 2/22
» 41st Portland International Film Festival
PIFF Schedule for Laurelhurst Theater Friday, Feb.16 6:30- White Sun (89 min) 7:15- Felicite- (123 min) 8:45- Beauty and the Dogs (100min) Saturday, Feb 17 2:30- Ava (103 min) 3:30- Wajib (96 min) 5:15- 12 Days (87 min) 6:00- 101 Seconds (83 min) 7:30- A Gentle Creature (143 min) 8:45- Le fort des fous (144 min) Sunday, Feb 18 2:00- Napping Princess (110 min) 3:00- The China Hustle (84 min) 4:45- 24 Frames (114 min) 5:15- Good Luck (143 min) 7:30- Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (94 min) 8:30- Milla (128) Monday, Feb 19 1:45- Let the Sun Shine In (95 min) 2:45- El Mar la Mar (94 min) 4:00- Thoroughbreds (90 min) 5:00- Foxtrot (108 min) 6:15- Bad Genius (129 min) 7:30- Sweet Country (113 min) Tuesday, Feb 20 6:00- Leaning into the Wind (93 min) 7:00- Angels Wear White (107 min) 8:15- Spell Reels (96 min) Wednesday, Feb 21 6:00- Cocote (72 min) 7:00- Le Forte des Fous (144 min) 8:00- Zama (115 min) Thursday, Feb 22 6:00- The Rider (104 min) 6:45- The Nothing Factory (177 min) 8:30- Winter Brothers (100 min)
41st Portland International Film Festival

2/23 - 3/1
» Mo' Better Blues
Financially irresponsible Giant (Spike Lee) manages a jazz group, but his sax player, Shadow (Wesley Snipes), wants to replace him with a better businessman. Bleak (Denzel Washington), the band's trumpeter, then tries to defend his close pal Giant, leading to a power struggle between the two musicians. Meanwhile, as Bleak tries to straighten things out with his band mates and manager, he also must choose to be with either sweet teacher Indigo (Joie Lee) or sultry singer Clarke (Cynda Williams).
Mo' Better Blues

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